‘Aishah (May Allah be pleased with her) reported:

“I asked the Messenger of Allah (s) about pestilence and he said, “It is a punishment which Allah sends upon whomsoever He wills, but Allah has made it as a mercy to the believers. Anyone who remains in a town which is plagued with pestilence maintaining patience expecting the reward from Allah, and knowing that nothing will befall him other than what Allah has foreordained for him, he would receive a reward of Shaheed (Martyr)”.  [Hadith: Al-Bukhari].

 The word “Mercy” was my spark this time to create – what I consider as – an unusual cartoon that depicts the coronavirus positively contrary to the large number of coronavirus cartoons we see today.

As the word “Mercy” in the context of this hadith bears within itself the meaning of purification. It surely brings to the mind today’s unexpected positive impacts of the pandemic on our environment causing the air to be purer and water to be cleaner. Not forgetting to mention it also has a positive impact on humans too.

Saying that I would love to share with you one of my positive reflections as the result of the coronavirus outbreak; which is:  acknowledging the gift of waking up every morning and cherishing the fact of being alive again after long hours of sleep. I now recite the Prophet’s (s) supplication of waking up every morning with so much contentment and appreciating each word of it: “All praise is due to Allah, who has given us life after our death, and unto Him is the resurrection.” (Hadith: Al-Bukhari)

Have you thought of any little positive impacts on yourself? Think of one positive impact and share it to inspire others 🙂

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