The Coronavirus has shown us that our health and economic system are fragile. We all feel insecure because this is affecting us personally. What will happen to my job and my savings? Let us hope that as a human race we can learn that we are dependant our planet and on each other.

There are at least three lessons to draw from the current crisis.

First, we are facing a crisis of values. Our sense of panic causes some of us to not see beyond our own immediate needs. Psychologists tell us that one third of patient who come for their help with mental health problems do so with issues of lack of meaning and purpose in their lives.

In time of struggle we need to find values and meaning that will sustains us. Yet, this is also an opportunity to renew our values. In this crisis we also see the kindness of people. Sometimes it takes a crisis for to realise that there is more to life that groceries, jobs and economics.

Change is stressful and this is a good time to reflect on what is truly important in our lives. When people lose their jobs they may feel irrelevant, but this is far from the truth. We are relevant because we can love. In the near future Artificial Intelligence (AI) will produce great doctors, drivers, and analysts to make the world a better place.

Will AI will replace human jobs? Will we become irrelevant? No, because we have our relationships. We will value love. In this time of crisis we are learning once more, to love. I have heard it said that there is only two things – fear and love. On the side of love, I add hope and taking responsibility, since these are acts of love. We need to decide. Let us look after our family and our extended family members. My neighbours and fellow man are also part of my extended family.

Second, this crisis has shown us how much we are interdependent on our little planet. The flow of people and goods is a real issue right now. This brings us to the realisation that we need each other across the globe.

The third lesson is the realisation that we rely on each other for our mutual prosperity. Values, interdependence and mutual prosperity brings us to the realisation that we are in this together and with this mindset – we can do better and we will get through this.

Once we are aligned with the right values, we can concentrate on the day. Fix what you can, make things better, and recognise each other’s needs. Our heightened knowledge of our fragility can separate us or it can bring us together.

Let us do one kind thing each day for someone else.