The journey of a believer is the journey of a seeker when one seeks, one finds. Prophet Mohammad (s) mentioned, “that seeking knowledge is compulsory upon every believing male and female.”

In life, humanity is divided into two categories, and you will find those who are seeking and those who are complaining. Their attributes are direct contrasts of one another.

Those who are seeking, don’t have time to complain, in fact everything and anything allows them to appreciate the beauty, whether it be small or large, whether it impacts them negatively or positively. Gratitude will become a characteristic which is second nature to a seeker.

When one complains everything and anything becomes a means of darkness and negativity, rather than focusing on the positives within our own tests and trials.

To seek is to live and to complain is not genuinely appreciating the real beauties of life. In life, you are either growing or stagnating; if one desires to become and unlock their true potential, one needs to seek.

The beauty of life, the colour of life, the completeness of life is hidden in anyone who wants to become a seeker of knowledge, of personal goals, mutually shared ambitions with spouses and most importantly improving their connection and relationship to Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Wise.

A famous poet says:
Allah decrees goodness while we are ignorant of it.
The visibility of his decree is a blessing from the bounties,
If only we knew Allah’s intention in a test,
Surely you will appreciate and praise for the little in grasping its vastness,
So embrace the decree of the Most Merciful, and be pleased with it,
He has insight with the condition of the slave in all types of situations.