From 15-18 February 2020, nearly 2,000 women from all over the world attended a free online summit about sexual health hosted by Deeper Feminine.

Deeper Feminine delivers a holistic self-care and sacred sexuality masterclass called Deepening the Feminine Connection which is curated for and by Muslim women.

After launching their first online course in August 2019, the team of three passionate wellness advocates saw the need to collaborate with an international panel of scholars, health professionals, and wellness practitioners.

Without sponsorship or endorsements, they coordinated a self-funded summit in collaboration with the voluntary participation of each of the ten invited speakers.

Sacred Sexuality Summit

Day 1 of the summit opened with Ustadha Zaynab Ansari of Tayseer Seminary in the United States.  Her opening presentation described the female body as a sign of Allah, not to be shamed, but rather protected and honored.

She reminded attendees of our intrinsic need for connection, as designed by Allah, and how we must examine the psychological and cultural barriers that make women feel shamed for having physical desire.

Ustadha Iffet Rafeeq of the United Kingdom explored healing womb trauma with beautiful references to how Allah honors the wombs of women in both the Qur’an and Hadith literature.

Sister Malak Mayaleh introduced listeners to the nature of feminine and masculine energy and how they manifest in our lives and relationships.

Sister Manal Omar of Across Red Lines shared her experiences as an international conflict resolution worker and how two decades of work on the frontlines of war affirmed for her that female pleasure and joy are the foundation for peaceful societies.

Sacred Sexuality Summit

On Day 2, Sydney-based pelvic floor therapist, Sister Heba Shaheed, explained pelvic floor health and its connection to menstruation, elimination, and intimacy.

Sister Rabiah Mali of the Herbal Blessing Clinic in the U.K., shared how herbal medicine and nature can support women’s hormonal and fertility cycles.

Sister Aqiylah Collins of the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute shared the benefits and contraindications of vaginal steaming for reproductive health.

Sacred Sexuality Summit

Day 3 concluded with internationally recognized sex educator, Sister Angelica Lindsey-Ali, popularly known as the “Village Auntie”.  She offered thoughtful insights on reclaiming sexual pleasure after experiencing various forms of trauma.

Sister Naaila Clay of That Clay Couple shared observations and advice on polygynous marriage from her work as a marital counselor and therapist.

Dr Shaakira Abdul Razzaq of Love Beyond Love talked about the sexual education curriculum she curated for Muslim youth and how to cultivate body confidence through movement.

Sacred Sexuality Summit

The final day of the summit ended with the Deeper Feminine instructors themselves, Dr Nicole Monteiro, Sister Chantal Blake, and Sister Sabrina Erschen, delivering a final webinar on Stepping into Feminine Wellness and Power.

The Deepening the Feminine Connection masterclass is now open for enrollment until 29 February and lifetime access to the Sacred Sexuality Summit will be available starting 1 March, Inshaallah.