During the last few years right wing politicians have increasingly applied the formula of Majoritarianism to attain power in constitutional democracies with great success.

Majoritarianism is a political philosophy with an agenda to assert the power of majority of the population to entitle it a certain degree of primacy in society, and the right to make decisions that affect the whole society.

These politicians assert the race, religion or language card of the majority at the expense of minorities to divide the society into us and them, thereby attracting a large swath of electoral votes from the majority community to gain power and remain in power.

During this scenario the minorities are rendered as second class citizens and demonised in order to undermine their fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution and their human rights through international conventions and agreements.

In extreme cases, attempts are made to eliminate them such as the classical case in Nazi Germany and recently in Bosnia where minorities were eliminated through mass murders.

Donald Trump in the US, Narendra Modi in India, Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel are the most glaring example of right-wing politicians who have successfully utilised the philosophy of Majoritarianism within democracies to gain and remain in power.

To some extent Boris Johnson in UK and Scott Morrison in Australia surprisingly attained electoral success benefiting from the use of Majoritarianist slogans.

However, in true constitutional democracy the majority should not be allowed to exclude minorities from participation in the democratic process and should safeguard their fundamental rights.

Although freedom of speech is one of the fundamental values in a democracy, checks and balances must be legislated in order for politicians and others in influential positions to refrain from hate speech and demonisation and vilification of minority communities.

Freedom of speech must be exercised in a responsible way and politicians should not target minorities for cheap electoral gains.

Hate speech leads to violence as we have witnessed it last year in Christchurch on Friday 15 March and later in other places.

The golden values of true democracy including the safeguarding of the fundamental rights of all its citizens equally can only bring about harmony in our society and peace in our life.