Music for Refugees is creating a musical about refugees and about people who have helped refugees in Australia and they need your help.

Philip Feinstein of the Music for Refugees organisation has been helping refugees both in and out of detention for the past 12 years. His key motivator has been music, because music lifts the spirits of people.

“Most refugees have undergone enormous stress, whether they be in or out of detention” said Philip. “We are now creating a musical to show what refugees go through and also about the people who help them.”

Many readers of AMUST know of refugees, or are refugees themselves, who have overcome many difficulties. Music for Refugees are asking readers to share their stories and experiences. “Everything is confidential, so real names will not be used,” said Philip. “We just want to hear about your experiences, whether good or bad.”

The musical will be set on a mock detention centre stage and will show people coming to visit detainees. These people could be ordinary visitors, religious groups, family, music teachers, English teachers, solicitors and more. Maybe you have visited one or more refugees in the past and have an interesting tale to share, whether it be good or bad . . . .

One of the main reasons for creating the musical is to get financial assistance for refugees. “We will not be keeping any of the money gained – it will all be going to refugees,” commented Feinstein.

The musical will also give the public a chance to understand exactly what refugees go through.

One of the exciting parts of the musical is the people who will be acting in it. Music for Refugees are looking for people who can act or sing and who would like to take part.

Plus they are looking for people who can sing and play music from their own country. “This will be multicultural at its best,” said Philip. “And maybe, just maybe, this could be the big break for someone getting into acting!”

It should be noted that the musical will not divulge any confidential information about Australian detention centres, nor will any real names be used. Confidentiality in all respects will be observed.

So, if you have a story to share, or if you would like to get involved in the musical, contact Philip Feinstein on [email protected] for more information.

Remember that you do not have to give us any names or identification. We are just looking for some interesting stories to include in the Musical. Maybe you have more than one story to tell us . . . .
And because it is a musical, tell us if you play an instrument or sing.

More information about the Music for Refugees organisation can be found on or their Facebook page.