The digital technology has reduced the world into a global village. Today, we know what is happening in any other part of the world. The access towards entertainment, news, information, education and other resources requires us to click a button only. This easiness in our modern lifestyle has introduced a new set of challenges.

We are dealing with the range of options in regards to fun, learning and living. This multiplicity has caused enormous distractions into our daily lives.

The engrossment into multiple online activities keeps us busy and happy secondary to dopamine rush [1]. Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter, responsible for motivation, pleasure and passion.

In addition, it is also getting us into a cycle of addiction. This age has seriously become a hub of distractions, which has displaced humanity locus from its gaze.


Speculatively, our every passing moments are being colored with some kind of trivial doings that shift our focus more towards temporary series of events.

It also deprives us from our purpose of existence and worth of living in long run. The anarchy caused by this in our spiritual field does not stay dormant for long. This suppression raises its head in a form of different stress-related symptoms.

We, because of obliviousness, tend to compensate for such disarray with other activities of materialistic nature that does not quench our thirst again. Like;

  1. Display of personal accomplishments on a social media reveals occult desire of receiving excessive self-assurances and validation to remind oneself that he/she is on a right track or doing well.
  2. The culture of selfie – manifests the new age, which is all about me, I and myself. The over-indulging habit of keeping the focus on oneself shows the existence of internal void which struggles to subside the emptiness with appraisals and admiration.
  3. Avoiding the echo of personal hollowness by striving to get into more activities of distracting nature. Like, listlessly surfing online shopping stores, scrolling YouTube videos aimlessly and playing games.

There are just too many things happening in our surrounding because of our awareness (gadgets deliver us news of every second), social networking, politico-economical upheavals and accessory fun resources.

It has saturated our receptive senses. These distractions carry an aim to derail our existential meaning and shrink our logical capacities to dig deeper into lifespan layers from emotional, intellectual, spiritual and philosophical perspectives.

The present era requires an isolation from excessive external provocations that is numbing our strategic thinking. The strategic approach teaches us:

How to think?

What to think?

How to envision one’s life in long run?

Why I am here?

What is enriching me?

What I am carrying for hereafter?

What is happening in my life?

My activities are worth considering or wasteful!

Number of questions from similar background can break the cycle of monotonous occurrences in one’s routine life. It can impart us a larger view of life.

The cycle can only be broken by establishing a link internally to the deeper strata of oneself.

[1]. Haynes, T. (2018). Dopamine, Smartphones & You: A battle for your time. Harvard Science in the News.