While the whole world is caught up with Coronavirus protection issues, there is one part of the world that is almost being ignored: Gaza

Most countries are enforcing appropriate measures and lockdown procedures at various levels to protect their citizens, and this includes Gaza. However, this part of the world is reliant on their neighbour, Israel, to provide medical supplies which is only happening on a very small scale.

According to Israel’s Haaretz Weekly, Israel has only sent “a couple of hundred” test kits to Gaza.

The lives of the 1.8 million citizens of Gaza are now very much on the precipice of a catastrophe. And bearing in mind the huge numbers of Gaza residents that work in Israel, this impending issue will also have an effect on Israeli citizens.

With this Coronavirus now classified as a world pandemic, one must ask why Israel is taking this stand. There are many thousands of Israelis and Jews throughout the world who are asking this very question.

“This is now a world issue which means that we should all stand together” stated Philip Feinstein of the refugee help organisation Music for Refugees. “This is an ideal moment for Israel to gain international recognition that it is truly helping Palestinians in Gaza, but it limits assistance to the area,” he said.

With one of the highest population densities in the world and few medical resources, Gaza is one step away from a public health disaster.

Those 1.8 million people only have access to enough Covid-19 test kits for 190 people, meaning only 1 in every 9,473 Palestinians there can be tested.

Additionally, there are just 20 available ventilation devices in all of Gaza, just 1 ventilation device for every 90,000 Palestinians there.

Palestinians in Gaza not only have fewer medical supplies, but many of them do not have access to clean water or a nutritious diet putting them even more at risk.

Although the tensions between Hamas and Israel have eased for now, surely this is also a time for both adversaries to cooperate and use this opportunity to create a lasting peace.