Charity Right Australia was launched in Sydney on Friday 28 February 2020 with an inaugural dinner at the Renaissance Westella in Lidcombe attended by almost 200 Muslim community leaders from a diverse background.

The guests started arriving at the venue at 6 pm and after registration were given show bags while visiting the exhibition space for various current projects of Charity Right Australia.

Most of the guests took photo shoots with smiling faces in front of the media wall before being seated at their allocated seats in the function hall.

The program was started on time by the Master of Ceremony, Ramzy Alamudi who briefly highlighted the main purpose of the event after welcoming the guests.

Sheikh Khalid Zoureika mesmerised the audience by his beautiful recitation from the Holy Quran.

Dr Hamid Almafragy speaking to the audience.

Executive Member of the Board of Directors, Dr Hamid Almafragy, presented the inaugural address at the event. He thanked the guests for joining the grand event while acknowledging how delighted he was to be involved with the projects of Charity Right Australia from the very beginning.

The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed.

The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed during his address highlighted the importance of donations in Islam and praised Charity Right Australia for taking the great initiative of fighting hunger by providing food to the needy, specially children.

After Maghrib prayer, Samir Bennegadi, member of the Executive Board of Directors of Charity Right Australia gave a presentation illustrating the vision and purpose of Charity Right Australia.

Samir Bennegadi.

Samir displayed the current fiscal year’s goals together with a flow chart of Charity Right Australia’s operational guidelines.

The principal of Islamic College of Australia, Sheikh Abdussalam Zoud, delivered his speech on, “What is your return?” explaining the importance of feeding the hungry in the light of the Quran and Hadith.

He urged guests to join the Charity Right Australia’s projects right now.  Many responded to his noble call.

After serving the delicious dinner Ramzy Alamudi started a reminiscence moment by inviting the Chairperson of Charity Right Australia, Dr Naim Islam and one of its well-wishers, Dr Ziad Basyouny, on stage for a couch discussion.

Dr Naim Islam.

Recently, Dr Naim and Dr Ziad visited the Charity Right Australia’s projects at Rohingya Camps in Cox’s Bazar area of Bangladesh.

They passionately presented their personal moving experiences of the visit motivating the guests to appreciate the suffering of Rohingyas and called for action to help.

Ramia Abdo Sultan thanked Charity Right Australia for their commitment to provide food and education to hungry children in neglected places around the world  while urging the attendees to extend their supports for all the projects of this charity.

Dr Naim Islam announced the closing of the inaugural dinner extending  heartfelt thanks for every volunteer of this organisation, the marketing team, 5 by 5, and with special appreciations for all media partners  including AMUST, Suprovat Sydney and Aus Bulletin.