If you are looking for a story that has strong religious values to educate your young child whilst also maintaining an intriguing narrative, look no further than Ink & Quills written by Devina Aisha Sharma and Roger Ibn Tyrone.

This unique book takes a look at the journey of two cats called Ink and Quills that are travelling along the bushy terrain of the Blue Mountain.

Their adventures of play result in a variety of discoveries. As they roam around, the two cats find a diverse array of animals that are hidden in trees and shrubbery. 

In my opinion, the quirky elements can be found in the storytelling as well as the artistic design. The authors have created a simple story full of rhymes and heart.

Illustrated by Roger Ibn Tyrone, the unique visual creates an engaging depiction of a number of furry creatures showcasing native animals such as a kookaburra, kangaroo, lizard and possum; all of whom become good friends. 

Image of the authors, Devina Aisha Sharma and Roger Ibn Tyrone.

Simply told, the language is befitting for young Australian Muslims with a brief reference to Abu Hurairah, a companion of the Prophet Muhammed (s).

This is an interesting touch.  Whilst, I also appreciated how the book maintains the vernacular which is relevant to those who have grown up in Australia.

I would recommend this book to parents that want to expose their children to something different and are eager to engage with creative visuals.

Ink & Quills is not a typical book that you may have seen in your local bookstore. So, give it a read!