The development of Personality and intellectual growth are two main factors in life which matter a lot on individual and collective levels. These two factors can be explained on the basis of our interactions, cognitive styles, prospects and on our ability to retain relationships.
The way we relate with ourselves is a direct reflection of our attitude towards this world.
For a content life the guiding principle for living can be one which imparts serenity, poise and satisfaction to self. Most of the time the complex and deep experiences of meaning and purpose-recognition in life confer calmness to mind and soul. These experiences are mostly spiritual/mystical in nature.
When the connection and its strength (between a Higher Entity and an individual) becomes a pivot for a person which orients and leads him or her on every scale like how to interact, deal, what path to pave and how to resolve matters on day to day basis then a spirit tends to draw itself away from conflicts and worries.
If we are able to understand the guiding nature of this relationship of self with the Higher Being (HB) then only we can fathom its impact on our personal, spiritual and social status. The strong correlation between these two:
1) Self (S)
2) HB ,
[S-HB] has many personal and social advantages on an individual.
When it serves as a standard axis then its easier for one to think clear in ambiguous and equivocal situations; as it guides and directs in abstruse matters and provides clue in novel settings. The (S-HB) strength improves self to self connection too by bestowing wisdom on one.
On the other hand, the weak nexus between self to HB impairs the supervisory / guiding flicker and deprives one from enlightenment/wisdom of living life and surviving troubles.
Life puts everyone of us in a set of familiar and unfamiliar rather strange and weird affairs. The conundrums are the process of (right) decision making and choosing (correct) options.
The strong axis of S-HB helps an individual to pave difficult paths with implicit trust through sublime belief. It ultimately assists one in attaining evolution. Evolution, which is a necessary step for an individual to climb up in order to mature, grow, excel, provide and to turn life into a profound legacy for this world to follow.
The sense of deprivation for doomed system of internal guide can be assessed except in some occasions where it cannot be evaluated because of
1) the subdued states of consciousness or
2) impaired self-reflection
In the light of this theory, if we retrospectively investigate the lives of saints, poets and philosophers of different faiths to find roots of peace and wisdom then we can easily trace down the source.
Rumi’s emphasis on “internal growth” and “search for the truth in ones heart” must have some affiliation with this (S-HB) relationship.
The noble efforts of Viktor Frankl, Carl Jung, Plato, Jami, Sa’adi and other mystics to guard this bond and to maintain it is an excellent example to estimate the worth of its existence.