Dear Sir, The word terrorist has become synonymous with innocent Muslims,
If a killing is done by a Caucasian guy the media calls him gunman,
The recent attacks on synagogues in Europe and USA the perpetrators are called right wing extremists,
The media feels reluctant to coin the term terrorist for any other group of people other than Muslims
In Islam there is no place for terrorism , if a sparrow is killed without any reason a muslim will have to answer to the Almighty for that,
The Koran is clear in its rule of killing ( Killing an innocent person is like king the whole mankind and saving a soul is saving the whole mankind, thus is Allah swt, order)
Now the deviant so-called Muslims who kills innocent people should be called criminals Or thugs
Interesting ly the so-called Muslim deviant dies this crime has either a criminal history or mental illness, the media deliberately don’t mention this,
If a caucasian person does any killing the media will find some history of mental illness in them,
Once I told my Kiwi friend a barrister and ex New Zealand minister Mr Matt Robson that if I was given some funding I would have done the psychological  profiling of these so called Muslim criminals,
The dictum of Islam is peace and Love that’s what Our Prophet has preached.
Dr Syed Saifuddin Ahmad
Dr Ahmad is an ex registrar of Psychiatry,
Bankstown Hospital