Whilst many families were enjoying picnics and barbeques over the Australia day long weekend, a select ~120 patrons were strengthening their spiritual connections at the Annual ISRA Summer Camp.

Located just south of the Central Coast, Milsons Island became home for this group of Muslims families for the weekend. A far cry from the caliginous past of Milsons Island, it was filled with family fun and spirituality.

The aim was to bring together Muslim families to benefit from the unique sense of community that comes from living amongst each other and to strengthen their spiritual connection to their deen.

The ambient theme of the camp was that of mindfulness from an Islamic perspective, encouraging Muslim families to re-centre their faith to govern their lives.

ISRA understands how, in the increasingly secular 21st century, it is hard for Muslims to remain indelibly connected to their faith, thus through the comprehensive spiritual talks peppered throughout the day, the attendants were encouraged to reconnect with a sense of Tafakur.

Alongside these talks were a set of lively and convivial activities, from canoeing to volleyball and bushwalks to trivia nights, ensuring each family got the most out of each day.

The camp was also aimed at providing a spiritual connection to the younger children through the youth activities allowing the children to enjoy themselves amongst other Muslim youth.

These four days provided a much needed escape from the monotony of modern life, building strong connections and habits for each attendee to bring with them back to their home.

ISRA thanks all those who gave up their time to come and help with all aspects of the camp, as well as extending our gratitude to each participant who made to camp the wonderful success that it was.