To our brethren in all Australian states and territories. To all the men, women and youth.

As you are well aware, our country, Australia, has given us so much.

Currently, our Australian land and people are facing a catastrophic event. The bushfires are destroying thousands of hectares of vegetation and property.

Thousands of homes have been burnt. A number of people, both property owners and volunteer firefighters, have lost their lives as a result of these bushfires.

Our families and the Australian people who are in the vicinity of these bushfires, as well as being victims, have a right over us.

The time has now come for us to fulfil our role in supporting, financially and otherwise, the affected families. We must also support them socially and on a personal level. We need to help fight these bushfires.

You need to give a portion of your earnings to them. Be as we have known you. Be as you have been in the past.

Your precious Australian land is awaiting your support. I am also certain of your generosity and kindness and that you can leap to the highest levels and be role models for others.

Make much prayers and be generous in your support. Pray that Allah protects Australia: its people, its land, its environment.

Pray that Allah brings down much rain and protects our flaura and fauna.

– Grand Mufti of Australia

  Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed



NSW Rural Fire Service


VIC Country Fire Association


NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES)

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital


Australian Red Cross

The Salvation Army