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Here we give you tips for eliminating technological toxins:

  1. Do not sleep with the smartphone is close to you

Avoid placing the phone beside the bed when you sleep. This solution makes sense if we want to sleep well at night or plan effectively for the entire day immediately after waking up, free from the confusion caused by the presence of the phone.

  1. Set times to check your email and notifications

We should devote a certain time to reading and responding to messages every day, as checking emails only once or twice a day for as little as 45 minutes is often more than enough.

  1. Leave your smartphone meters away from you

That the best way to get rid of addiction is to put this device a few meters from where you sit, preferably somewhere outside the frame of your vision. This method is useful for stopping distraction from your work for browsing social media, since each time you have to stand and walk a few meters in order to take the phone will make you think about whether it is worth it.

  1. Make your phone look boring

There is yet another innovative solution to smartphone addiction, which is to avoid decorating the phone and make it visually pulling us out of hours. In this regard, you should turn the color of your phone to gray for example, which will discourage the visual stimulation of the screen and reduce your addiction to the phone.

  1. Use limitation applications

If these application solutions are not enough, you can approve some applications that allow sites to be closed after using them for a specified period of time, or limit how often we are allowed to browse the Internet. Plus, you can always put your favorite apps into hard-to-access files.

  1. Keep your phone out of reach during meetings

You can put your phone in your bag and ask the people sitting in meetings to  put their phones out of their reach as well. Once this is done, it will be possible to focus on dialogue and avoid all distractions.