The Almighty God gives prophet Muhammad (s) the biggest honour by anointing him the “mercy to mankind” when He states in Surat Al-Anbya verse (107): “And We have not sent you except as a mercy to the worlds.” We note that the plural form has been interpreted to include all the worlds of creation, such as world of humans, world of animals, and world of plants. 

Through his mercy, our beloved prophet (s) was able to show us how to care for the environment. For example, God states in the Holy Quran [7:56]: “And do not cause corruption on the earth after its restoration.” The Prophet (s) is also reported to have said: “Any Muslim who plants a tree or sows a seed and then a human, bird, or an animal eats from it, it will be regarded as a charity for him.” 

From these words, we must understand our duty to not only treat human beings with care, but our environment as well.

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