The Annual Islamic Schools’ student leadership and services awards 2019 was held in Melbourne on Monday 23 December at Galada Community Centre, Epping.

The awards were organised by the Australian Muslim Youth Leadership Association Inc in order to highlight the ability of young leaders to shape the future of the Muslim community in Australia.

The Awards night was organised to recognise, honour and celebrate  outstanding student leaders’ achievements from all of Islamic schools in Victoria. Students were recognised in five categories with over twenty prizes.

The programs are designed to empower and train young leaders to develop leadership skills and acquire knowledge to become exemplary leaders of the future.  

The mission of Australian Muslim Youth Leadership Association Inc includes:

  1. Recognition of Muslim student leaders for their extraordinary work and efforts to contribute positively to the Australian Muslim community and the wider community.

  2. Training and mentoring Muslim student leaders in order to empower and guide the next generation of Australian Muslim leaders.

  3. To address controversial and important issues and topics affecting Australian Muslim youth.

The Minaret College success resulted from the collaboration of wonderful team of Minaret college wellbeing specialist Ms Parveen (Officer), pastoral care coach Ms Jancy, wellbeing coach (Officer) Mr Raihan and wellbeing coach (Springvale) Ms Patsy Bourne.
The SRC Leaders from both campuses of Minaret college attended the AMYLA (Australian Muslim Youth leadership Association) Awards Night and Minaret won a number of awards.
The other competing schools were Al Siraat College, Victoria, Ilim College, Victoria, Australian Islamic College, WA, Australian Islamic College, WA, Islamic College of Brisbane, Queensland, Malek Fahd Islamic School, NSW and Australian International College, QueensLand.
Minaret won in the following categories:
Commendation award in the best individual effort by SRC member: Hamesha Habibullah, Officer Secondary.
Commendation award in the Budding Student Leader Category: Amina Aamir, Springvale Secondary.
Commendation award for the best project of the year: Officer Secondary.
Commendation SRC Secondary Group of the Year: Secondary Springvale.
Runner Up in the Junior Student leader of the Year: Amar Suljic, Primary Springvale.
Runner Up in the best SRC Report of the Year: Primary Springvale.
Runner Up in the Budding student Leader of the Year: Urji Kuma, Officer.
Runner Up in the Community Engagement Category: Springvale Secondary.
Winner for the best SRC School Support for 2019: Springvale Secondary.
Winner for the Student Leader of the year 2019: Abdul Samad Siddiqui: Springvale Secondary.
Minaret College is indeed serving the community for the greater good. The teachers and mentors are working hard on their students in order to build responsible and credible characters for future.