Following a long drought, Australia is experiencing an unprecedented devastating ongoing summer 2019-2020 with record temperatures in outer Sydney and out of control fires burning around the city covered by smoke for the past few weeks.

The ongoing bushfires this season have burnt more than 15 million acres of land, destroyed almost 2000 houses with 27 deaths so far and an estimated half a billion mammals, birds, and reptiles have been lost.

Australian firefighters and volunteers have been heroically fighting the bushfires in NSW and Easter Victoria for weeks and have been joined by New Zealand, US and Canada.

Australian Defence Force has been deployed recently for rescue operation of tourists taking refuge on the beaches of south coast of NSW where a large number of homes have been destroyed.

Penrith, a suburb in western Sydney have recorded the highest temperature this summer reaching temperatures close to 50C. On Saturday 5 January Penrith was the hottest place on earth recording a temperature of 48.9C.

Climate change has been considered as a factor affecting the extreme weather and PM Scott Morrison, a climate change denier has finally conceded that climate change was one of “many factors” for the current devastation in Australia.

Australians have come out in droves to help victims of bushfires while Muslim charities and volunteers have been supplying water, food and cash donations for relief services.

Mosques throughout Australia have organised special events to pray for rain in large congregations along with people of other faiths for relief from heat and drought.