The Australian Mushaf Uswah Academy (AMUA) has been established since 2014 to study Islam by understanding the link between Mushaf and Uswah conducting formal courses for the duration of one year.

AMUA teaches Mushaf and Uswah by delving into both the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

The Qur’an is the Word of Allah and the Sunnah is the saying and practices of the Prophet Muhammad (s). The difference is that the Qur’an is the Wahi Matlu (recited revelation) while the Sunnah is Wahi Ghair Matlu (non-revealed inspiration).

The following verse of the Qur’an supports this claim: ‘Nor does he speak (of his own) desire. It is only an inspiration that is inspired. He has been taught (the Quran) by one mighty power Jibra’eel.’ (Al-Qur’an, al-Najm, 53:3-5).

The significant tasks AMUA has carried out since its inception in 2014 have been:

  1. Understanding the life of the last Prophet Muhammad (s), who pioneered the full Islamic Order, changing the old Jahiliyah system.
  2. Studying and analysing the content of each chapter from 1 to 114 of the Qur’an from the analysis of the Word of Allah, the Qur’an in relation to the working of the Prophet.
  3. To acquaint ourselves with the combination of Qur’an (Mushaf) and Sunnah (Uswah-e-Muhammad).
  4. We have become closer to the Qur’an and Sunnah through the direct study of the Mushaf verses in their respective chapters as well as the events occurring in the presence of the Prophet under his guidance.

In 2019, AMUA utilised the syllabus of the book Words That Moved the World: How to Study the Qur’an to guide students towards practical strategies on self-analysis and self-change.

The focus of the 2020 curriculum will be towards the methodology of parsing Arabic words, as well as the analysis of certain selection of verses, beginning with Al-Alaq 96:1-5.

The sessions will be presented and facilitated by AMUA members under the guidance and direction of Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad who will present in the first session to model the style of teaching and presentation to other AMUA members, and who will provide  guidance and offer suggestions for the delivery of each session.

AMUA Members who facilitate sessions are welcome to consult Dr Ahmad as part of their preparation.

The classes will be conducted in South-Western Sydney, Australia. Any person who is interested in pondering, comprehending, and understanding the Quran (the word of Allah) from one’s own personal efforts and then getting help from reputed Tafaseer (interpretations) of the Quran by the Mufassireen should contact Mrs Fauzia Siddiqui (President of AMUA) at [email protected]

The program for the year 2020 is as follows:

AMUA Program 2020