You should plan a day out to the royal botanic gardens because there are lots of things you can do there. These are the things you can do on your day out, buy an ice-cream, take a tour to the Sydney opera house, walk around farm cove, there is also two ponds to see and one more thing you can see is where Queen Elizabeth first landed in Australia.

Let me tell you more about these things, let’s start with the ponds. The ponds over there are a very exciting place to visit. That is because there are eels in the two ponds which eat the fish and there can be ducks as well.

Now let’s talk about farm cove. It’s not much though but I will tell you what I know, well it is water that is surrounding the pathway in a semicircle kind of shape.

We are now going to talk about the iconic Sydney Opera House, a landmark and wonderful masterpiece of engineering.  When we look at the shell type structure of the Opera House it looks mesmerizing. There you can buy yourself some food and something to drink. Also you can pack some food from there so if you get hungry on your journey.

We are up to the bit where Queen Elizabeth first landed in Australia. Over there you will see something that will be about 1.5 meters tall with some writing on it the writing will say this is the point where Queen Elizabeth first landed in Australia.

Finally we can discuss about the ice-cream. If you get hot while exploring you can simply get an ice-cream just walk to the Sydney opera house and outside the opera bar and you should see a sign that says BASKIN ROBBINS that is where you can get an ice-cream from. The yummy chocolate mint flavor is a must to try.


The royal botanic gardens have way more things than that even I have not seen. Also you can even catch a ferry. That is what I was going to say but wait there is a bit more

And I almost forgot to say that it is a beautiful place if you ever visit. And there are some things I have not mentioned I think you can explore them for yourself.

Ok I will tell you the things I have not mentioned a place where there is a big rock which is kind of curved into a shape which also has the shape of a staircase.

This is the other thing there are plants which make up letters of the alphabet that is cool.

So if you want to plan a day out I believe you should choose the royal botanic gardens!!!

MORAL: traveling always brings pleasure and information to your life.