The 21st Century is all about Information and Knowledge Technologies. How to think differently about presented information and create new knowledge through creativity and innovation.

The latest trends of this approach are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. Our youth needs to learn this from high school. Young Innovators has designed a workshop to full fill these needs under the name “Think Creatively and Innovatively”. 

Recently this workshop was run in Campbelltown. Think innovatively and creatively workshop was an interactive workshop conducted by Young Innovators Network for the young minds to learn about how to think differently and in an innovative way.

This workshop was held to make the children learn how to sharpen their imagination power that they can use to think outside the box and that thing will enable them to bring new ideas in their assignments.

And at the same time when they learn new things, they can design the thinking concept which they can apply in their real-life projects  to bring fresh ideas and build new concepts and that is the skill which will be part of the job market in future.

During the workshop included a set of activities that the students had to go through,

Children’s feedback reflected they really enjoyed every bit of the workshop and found useful for their studies. 

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