Eesa Bokhari, 10 is a class 5 student at Trinity Grammar School in Strathfield, Sydney. He received full marks for his poem “Overfishing” creating a mood of love, despair, fear and hope.

Fish on a plate, that’s its fate,

After a year, they start to grow some fear,

The splash of the net, scares them I bet,

Corruption below, with nets to tow,


Fish stocks will decline, and fishermen will resign,

Less fish to find, less money to grind,

Birds will die, before they can fly,

With no more food, what a mood,

Fish will be hiding, and will be striving,

For survival which is rare, we wouldn’t care,

Vast in the ocean, nets are like a potion,

Marine life, got stabbed with a knife,

But there is a solution, that could spark a new revolution,

Fish stocks wont go down,  and humans will be renown,

Instead we could be sustainable, which will make us able to have good fish,

All you can do is take action, and we will get a reaction from the fisheries,

We can create new ways, their will be lots of rays of abundant fish,

And humans should never reduce, with that fish will always produce