The concern for Australians suffering from intensive bushfires was raised by the highly popular social media personality, Mufti Dr Ismail Menk, the Grand Mufti of Zimbabwe while on his visit to Australia attending The Divine Legacy ’19 Conference Tour held earlier in December in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, organised by Human Appeal Australia.

He was speaking on Sunday 8 December at the Sydney leg of the tour at Waterview, Sydney Olympic Park after having experienced first hand  devastating effects of bushfires affecting people in the smoky city.

Dr Mufti Ismail Menk at the Sydney event.

The highly popular Divine Legacy ’19 Conference Tour, sold out in most of the cities highlighted “Women in Quran” with carefully selected issues concerning the daily lives of women and their families in the modern world.

The Conference Tour also included a fundraising segment by Human Appeal Australia designated to help alleviate the hardships of many disadvantaged women and children and their communities.

The invited guests from overseas speaking at the Conference Tour in various cities included renowned inspirational speakers like Mufti Dr Ismail Menk along with prominent Quran reciters Sheikh Mohamed Gebril from Egypt, and Imam Ishak Danis from Istanbul, Turkey,  and stand-up comedian from USA Azhar Usman.

Imam Ishak Danis, Quran Reciter from Turkey, at the Sydney event. Photo by Zia Ahmad.

The Divine Legacy ’19 Conference Tour was launched in Melbourne on Friday 6 December with a house full attendance of more than 750 people at the Lakeside Banquet & Convention Centre, a theatre style seating venue, raising pledged amount of $210,000 to help support Human Appeal’s projects for poor and needy women and children.

On 7 December, the conference moved to Adelaide Convention centre,  the small city attracting with 1100 attendees raising $360,000 pledged funds towards the HAA projects. The Divine Legacy ’19 Tour Conference in Adelaide is nor regarded as by far one of the biggest Islamic conferences ever held in Adelaide.

Brisbane Divine Legacy Conference 2019

The Divine Legacy ’19 Conference Tour peaked in Sydney on Saturday 8 December held at Waterview, Sydney Olympic Park and included a family day out, a day conference and a VIP Dinner Conference.

Almost 2500 participants enjoyed the day and the night conferences with sausage sizzle, henna, face painting and Arabic calligraphy, all attractions offered free-of-charge as a token of appreciation from Human Appeal Australia to the generous community who never fail to stand in support of Human Appeal’s charitable projects.

Divine Legacy Conference in Sydney 2019

Sydney Tour also included local speakers and Quran reciters including the Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, Hajjeh Maha Abdo, CEO at MWA, Sr Ramia Sultan, a local inspirational speaker and Sheikh Saad Elgalaib, an amazing Quran reciter and Imam at Al Hafiz Centre.

Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, at the Sydney event. Photo by Zia Ahmad.

Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed highlighted the great position that Islam gave to women quoting from the Quran and examples from history.

Hajjeh Maha Abdo gave a historical account of the development of Muslim Women’s Association, its encounters with the feminists movement and the current challenges of domestic violence faced by vulnerable women in our country.

Hajjeh Maha Abdo at the Sydney event. Photo by Zia Ahmad.

Sydney managed to fundraise close to $465,000 dedicated to alleviate the suffering of needy women and children across the globe through Human Appeal Australia projects.

The Divine Legacy ’19 Conference Tour concluded in Brisbane at the famous Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre where more than 1600 guests were amazed by the Quran recitations and the motivational speech by Mufti Menk and pledged close to $330,000 donation.

Bashar Al-Jamal , Human Appeal Australia Director

The energy in the conference was tangible, highlighting the need for such visionary inspirational events on a regular basis.

The highly successful Divine Legacy ’19 Conference could not have been possible without the trust and confidence of a generous community eager to help millions of disadvantaged people around the world that Human Appeal Australia serves through its projects.