A rally was held on Sunday 27 October in Melbourne to mark Kashmir Black Day and in support of Kashmiris held under lockdown for the last three months by the Indian military.

The rallies were in support for the right to self-determination of the people of Kashmir  per UN Resolutions and to ensure the implementation of International Human Rights in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir state.

Every year the 27 October is observed as Kashmir Black Day all around the world. It was on this unfortunate day in 1947, the Indian army forcibly occupied Jammu & Kashmir against the wishes of the indigenous  people of Kashmir.

The current Modi Hindu nationalist government abruptly annexed the state of Jammu & Kashmir on 5 August 2019 by abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which gave the state a special autonomous status.

The rally was organised by a number of Kashmiris living in Melbourne including Shujat Mantoo, Afshan Mantoo, Aziz Ur Rehman Khan, Nahid Sura, Sardar Wasif Hanif Khan, Zain Jamal Chak, Nazish Arif, Yunous Shair, Omar Farooq, Umme Hani and many others.

Australians of diverse background, faith and cultures including Kashmiris heard a number of speakers denouncing the oppression by the military in the valley of Kashmir and calling for the self-determination of the indigenous people of the larger Kashmir region.

Sue Bolton.

Socialist Alliance Councillor for Moreland, Sue Bolton talked about the ideological roots of the current PM of India, Narendra Modi with the Hindu supremacist organisation RSS and its stance against minorities in India especially Muslims.

Speakers said no to illegal occupation of Kashmir by the Indian military and no to abrogation of article 370 & 35A.

Concerns were raised about curfews, blockage of means of communication and detention and beating of thousands of people including children.