The formal opening of the Marsden Park Masjid on the newly acquired property purchased recently by Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM) was held on Saturday 9 November attended by local community members as well as guests from all over Sydney.

The event was organised the Masjid premises itself at 16 Wealtheasy Street, Marsden Park NSW 2765 located in the outers Western Sydney.

The property was purchased for 1.5 million dollars and the funds were raised within two months with intensive fundraising campaign amongst the community who generously supported the project.

This is another important landmark project delivered by IFAM who have been serving the Muslim community inAustralia for its socio-religious needs for more than 25 years.

IFAM President, Mr Rais khan during his address at the event said that this  Masjid was a special gift from Allah that was paid off in record two months with generous support of Muslims all around Sydney.

He especially thanked Imams of the Masajid, who supported the fundraising campaign by highlighting this project in their Friday prayer Khutbas (sermons).

“Such decisions of establishing mosques for the community were important and were only possible if community members were working together and could foresee the community needs,” he told the audience.

Sheik Muhammad Akram Buksh, Imam of Slackscreek Masjid in Queensland, delivered his powerful message to the community. He said that communities could only become stronger and harmonised if its members follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s).

He mentioned a Hadith of the Prophet(s) known as Hadith of Salaam narrated by Abdullah bin Salaam in which he described his first meeting with the Prophet (s). The Prophet (s) told him to spread greetings (Salaam), feed others and pray in night and you would enter Paradise with Salam (greetings).

The Imam then remarked that it was very unfortunate that the people sometimes don’t greet, show the cold attitude and pay less attention towards each other that eventually builds a barrier between the hearts. So the community is shattered and Shaitaan (devil) plays its role to make it even weaker to lead a miserable life.

Prophet Muhammad (s) always emphasised in exhibiting good manners and described this act as the most precious thing in the eyes of Almighty Allah.

IFAM Secretary General, Mr Usaid Khalil concluded the ceremony with dua (supplications). He prayed for the prosperity of the Masjid and for being accepted by Allah and to play its everlasting role in spirituality and purity of the community and the future generations.

All the participants then prayed Dhuhar salaat which showcased a large gathering of men, women and children participating with vigour and enthusiasm. Kids were delighted to enjoy the jumping castles installed for their pleasure.

A delicious sub-continental food was served to all with a beautiful dessert at the end.