Using smartphones excessively can harm our bodies, minds and even our emotions. While technology has the benefits of providing information, connecting people and benefits of making our lives easier, it is a double-edged sword and has many drawbacks.

The impact of radiation waves emitted by advanced electronic devices, as the light emitted from the screen may cause several problems for both the brain and eyes, especially when using the device in the dark, where this type of light causes sleep disturbance and fatigue.

Smart phones and tablets cause problems in the neck and spine pain, mainly due to the permanent curvature of watching the screen.

The muscles of the hands and arms have a share of these negative effects, as the user can develop carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by excessive pressure on the median nerve at the base of the wrist.

Excessive use of these devices can reduce user activity and cause obesity.

On an emotional and psychological level, mobile addiction may cause neophysics, fear of a smartphone or lack of access to it. Added to these symptoms are depression and constant anxiety about not being able to keep up with everything new on social media.

Some training experts have said that mobile phone addiction could cause personal crises, depression and increased levels of stress and anxiety. This type of people may show behavioural patterns similar to those who suffer from drug addiction.

In fact, introducing these devices into our daily system has transformed our habits, as the mobile phone that is supposed to bring us closer to others is doing the opposite.

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In general, we stick to our virtual bubbles and refrain from interacting with others in the real world, making us live in complete unity.

Smartphone technology and the Internet have contributed to linking people around the world, but its negative effects are linked to the excessive and inappropriate use of this technology.

The reason for this is the lack of adequate awareness of the rules of use and its various positive and negative aspects.

To avoid this, it is advised to take a digital holiday to get rid of technological toxins, by spending a few days away from the daily routine, and away from technology and smart devices, in order to re-link the link with itself, and reduce the levels of stress and fatigue caused by excessive use of these hardwares.

In the next article, I will give some tips how we can get rid of these digital toxins.

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