As we stroll


Towards a future

Countless doors have opened

But uncertainty creates fear

Crushing down

In deadly waves of cruelty

We swim

Swim till our last breath

You, who is feeding on the

misfortune of others

You have no right

To steal.

Your preys

Are the silent survivors

Of the wild


With every tragedy

Fallen upon us

One fortune

Has risen


We fall

In despair

We forget one hope

Is better than

No hope

How do we become

Strong in unity

When media

Is filled with deceiving


You watch the clouds evaporate ignorance

Own teacups which pours hatred

And plant seeds of injustice

Misleading voices

Echoing endlessly


Few are aware

Of the catastrophe

Left and right

While others are suffocating

Themselves with delusions

Why do we dress up like the divine being

When we bleed like mortals?

What fool have made them

Think infinite pleasure

Of hurting exist?

There are many reasons for me

As a refugee to disappear

But I am not your enemy

Refugees will never be

Your enemy

Isn’t it terrifying

What they could

Do to you

When their horns become


Expecting to get away

With inhumane acts

Oh how silly of them

This shall be forever

Crystal clear

Every single living soul

Deserves the right to walk

Without fear

To love without fear

Every single breathing soul

Deserves the right to

Be proud of their


To follow their faiths

And shine in harmony

Never harm

For that there is


It may be now

Or in the near


The lies cannot be hidden


The truth cannot be hidden


Leaders of the world


Those who are different

Those who have crossed boarders

On their bare feet for the safety

Of their little ones

Those who were forced

To flee their sweet motherland

Those with

Desperate journeys

Across the sees

Away from lawless acts

And discriminatory violence

Corrupted people

With power

Let’s not

Resort to trickery


Will one day

Surround emptiness


Will one day

Swallow the money

That drained humanity

And now to the best of your abilities


An ending without frauds

And we shall

All be free

From burdens





Original poetry by Asma Nayim Ullah presented at STARTTS 11th Refugee Ball and Fundraiser, Friday 1 November at the Hyatt Regency Sydney.

Asma Nayim Ullah is 16 years old and currently in the first term of year 12. A Rohingyan refugee from Myanmar who came by boat in 2013 at the age of 10, she recently began writing poetry to cope with trauma.

STARTTS (NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors) is a non-profit affiliated health and human rights organisation leading the way in refugee trauma rehabilitation.

STARTTS services include individual counselling and psychotherapy, group therapy and activities, psychiatric assessment, body-focussed therapies and complementary medicine, specialist programs for children and young people and cutting-edge approaches to treat the impact of trauma on the brain.

The annual Refugee Ball has established itself over the past decade as a key event in the social calendar of the multicultural and community services sector in Australia, every year raising vital funds for and awareness of the work that STARTTS does to assist people who have survived torture and trauma.

Photo: Courtesy Milan Acosta