The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) acknowledges all the Muslim organisations and community members for their generous contributions towards the NSW & QLD bushfire victims. The listed organisations below have contributed to the raising of a minimum of $271,691.

There are donations that are still pouring into these organisations to help further support the bushfire victims. The Australian Muslim Community has again supported the plight of the Australian people, upholding the true Islamic and Australian spirit. ANIC encourages individuals and organisations to continue supporting the bushfire victims as the fires are still blazing in some parts of the country.

We pray for the safety of all the Australians suffering from the bushfire tragedy.

List of Muslim Organisations that donated to the Bushfire Appeal:

Human Appeal $61,000

MAA $50,000

Various Muslim Organisations with ICQ $50,000

Islamic Relief Australia $25,000

Brothers in Need & NZF $20,000

Melbourne Diyanet and Turkish Islamic Communities $15,000

Hassene Australia $14,000

United Muslims of Australia (UMA) $10,000

National Zakat Foundation $9,138

Australian Islamic Mission $5,540

Albanian Australian Islamic Society $3,000

Tasmanian Muslim Association $1,860

Rhodes Jumah $1,818

Islamic Society of Toowoomba $1,475

Golden Wattle Masjid $1,300

IQRO Foundation $1,260

IPDC $1,000

Islamic Society of Palmerstone (Darwin) $300

GRAND TOTAL: $271,691 and counting

For media enquiries please contact the ANIC Media Spokesperson Bilal Rauf on 1300 765 940 or by email: [email protected]