“Why do people always ask me if I am from the same African country as Imam Adama Konda?” Some even pose the question in Arabic even though I don’t speak the language. Well, to put this issue to ‘rest’ I decided to find out myself about who Imam Adama Konda is.

Imam Adama Konda is Canberra Islamic Centre (CIC)’s first full-time Imam.

With his arrival in 2010, and the opening of the Sabah Al Ahmad Masjid and Islamic Education Centre, congregational daily prayers are offered along with other ongoing activities including lectures and Islamic awareness sessions run for government organisations, universities and schools, community school and Quran classes and multi-faith dialogue.

Born in the village of Koungoussi, which is a department or commune of Bam Province in north-western Burkina Faso (Land of the Upright people).

He said that he was born at a time when a child is seen as a trust of the community; i.e. it was the responsibility of everyone in the community to raising up the child.

As a child he started his Quran and Islamic studies at the Sabilul Falah (The Path of Success or Prosperity) school in Koungoussi under the tutelage of Sheikh Abubakar Saana.

Alhamdulillah as a good student his performance secured him a scholarship to pursue his studies in Syria.

However, given their poor financial background, his family was unable to buy him the flight ticket to Syria.

As Allah willed, his father’s friend, a Christian came to the family’s aid to contribute the bulk of the airfare cost for our imam to continue his studies in Syria.

In 1983, our respected Imam was sent to Syria where he spent 8 years studying Arabic, Sharia’a and memorising the Quran.

In 1990, he left Syria for the Islamic University of Madinah in  Saudi Arabia where he spent another 5 years pursuing bachelor studies in Sharia’a and the Science of the Qiraat of the Quran.

In 1995, after graduating from Madinah University, he spent a couple of months in China to perfect his martial arts skills before moving to Malaysia to pursue a master’s program in his field of study at the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur.

He was unable to complete his master’s studies in Malaysia because he had to move to Australia to take up an Imam’s role at the Darwin Islamic Centre in the Northern Territory.

Mosque in Canberra Islamic Centre.

While in Australia, he spent 10 years as Imam in Darwin before moving to Melbourne where he spent a year as teacher at the Victoria Islamic Centre and Imam at the Faulkner Mosque.

He returned to Darwin and spent another 3 years as Imam at the DIC.

Alhamdulillah in 2009 he became Imam of the Canberra Islamic Centre and few years later became a fulltime teacher at the Islamic School of Canberra (ISC).

He is currently a fulltime Imam at CIC and part-time teacher at ISC.

Given his rich upbringing in a multicultural and multi religious society, Imam Adam’s take on life is to (quoting him):

“From every ocean, I take a drop and from every garden, I take a flower”