When my family heard that their precious new born was diagnosed deaf they were in shock and grief. Life was so hard for me and my family. My life started with challenges and the biggest challenge was communication.

I could just cry or smile but could not say anything to my mother. My family and I had to put a lot of effort learning the signs language. Auslan was my first language through which I was able to speak to my family, I could say to my mother that “I love you”. I got more confident when I could communicate with other kids and made friends.

Today life is so beautiful for me, I have 3 beautiful normal kids and a handsome husband and I hope the same for other deaf kids in the world. That is why I am try my best to contribute to the community teaching them the Signs language so the barrier between a deaf and a normal person can be removed.

Taking my efforts of teaching Auslan to the next level, I started meeting restaurants owners to peruse them to become deaf friendly restaurants and get their staff the basic training of Signs Language so the deaf people visiting to the restaurant would be more comfortable ordering their meals.

I have a big vision for the deaf community. I want to see them successful in their career and in their life. I want to help every single person around a deaf in Australia to learn the signs language and give them strength and comfortable environment rather than keeping a distance from them. I want to teach many people my language so we can become one strong community.

I want to create awareness of the Deaf community using TV, Movies or any digital or offline media to do something different. I want to shout out to everyone about the importance of Signs Language and the benefits it will bring to the community.

I want everyone to get the benefit from my experience and ideas. I want all restaurants and cafes across Australia Deaf friendly which will also help to grow their business involving deaf community.

I want to go on national TV creating awareness of signs language and to grow my passion bigger helping others. I think it’s time to give a better change for deaf community. They should have the equal opportunity live, work, drive and buying house like normal people do.

I will be more than happy to provide help making a video on sign languages. I can be part of Ads or small shows (5-10 mins) which can go on TV or in the Cinemas explaining how I changed my life or how sign language can help change other life. I can also help you creating some fun games or quizzes to create awareness.

Contact me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DeafMuslimAustralia/