One day I was out with my kids – at Centenary Square, Parramatta – when suddenly a missionary man with his young disciples approached me asking:

“do you love Jesus?”  

I replied happily: “Yes I do!”.

Then he insisted: “In order to love him you have to believe in him?!”.

I replied with confidence: “I do believe in him; in fact Jesus (a) is mentioned many times in our Holy Quran as well as the details of his miraculous birth from his mother Mary “The Virgin”. As Muslims we must believe in Jesus (a) as one of God’s prophets exactly the same as we believe in our Prophet Muhammad (s) otherwise we are not considered to be Muslims”.

Looking into his eyes, I realised that my answer was not expected from a woman like me, knowing that I am a Muslim lady who wears the hijab.

Maybe my answer was not perfect or enough in others opinion, but I am certain that I left something that made him and his disciples change their perception or perhaps made them wanting to know more about Islam.

And for that, I felt blessed! 🙂


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