A series of Life Skills workshops by the Muslim Women’s Welfare of Australia with the support of the Department of Home Affairs kicked off in September this year, and the classes have been nothing short of popular! Migrant women are given the opportunity to learn important skills and information to enhance their life experience in Australia.


The workshops are a series of five of which three workshops have already been conducted. The workshops so far have taught women informational skills such as  how to write a perfect resume, how to prepare for a job interview and pathways to higher education.

Migrant women were encouraged to write and submit resumes review by a HR consultant as well as get involved in sample interviews to enhance their skills.

In addition, the workshops have offered a skills based session teaching women about how to make and use essential oils, cake decorating skills and dressmaking essentials. The women were all given material and tools to allow them to make their own items and learn first hand the skills from professional women in the field.

Exciting topics are coming up in these workshops teaching women floristry basics, how to start a business, volunteering skills and photography basics, all of which will be held free of charge to the women. This has allowed the women access to information that they would normally not have access to.


The remaining two workshops will be held on the 7 December 2019 and  the 18 January 2020. The objective of these workshops is to allow women of various backgrounds and walks of life to have an opportunity to learn ways of enhancing their skills.

There is still time for the remaining two workshops if anyone would like to jump on board and register.