The first Sir Syed Day was celebrated in Adelaide on Saturday 16 November 2019 attended by Aligarh Muslim University Alumni in South Australia, and a large number of other members of the community.

Sir Syed Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, founder of the Aligarh Movement that contributed towards the modern education of Muslims in India.

It is my pleasure to write for the first time in AMUST, a newspaper which is fast becoming popular not only the Indian community but Australians at large including those in Adelaide.

AMU Alumni of Australia was formed more than 27 years ago in Sydney. Subsequently a complimentary organisation was formed in Melbourne a number of years ago and now in Adelaide.

When I moved to Adelaide in March 2019 I started looking for Aligs (AMU Alumni) and I am still looking and adding them to the group.  Currently we are six families and a number of individuals joined by fellow Pakistani and other Indian brothers and sisters who want to live the legacy of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and AMU.

This has been a teamwork with the help of my senior Alig friend Mr Mushtaque Rehmat and wife Mrs Nasreen Ghafoor, and my school friend Mr Umar Masood and wife Mrs Hina Masood and my wife Mrs Saba Zia Siddiqui.

The Sir Syed Day formal program was conducted by Miss Maryam Mushtaque and Miss Ayesha Zia and started with Quran recitation and translation by Miss Ayesha Zia followed by all standing up to sing national anthems of Australia as well as India.

Mr Mushtaque Rehmat’s during his welcome speech highlighted the services rendered by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan for the upliftment of the Indian community.

The event attended by more than 55 guests and kids also included a presentation to the chief guest on Sir Syed Day, Dr Abul Khair M Farooqui, renowned personality within the South Asian community in Adelaide.

The program ended with a trivia competition, cutting of the cake and Sir Syed Day Lunch.

Sir Syed Day Adelaide

As a token of thanksgiving the Alumni ladies decided to initiate a community service with free food distribution to the needy and homeless people in Adelaide.

The Adelaide AMU Alumni team is now excited to increase their activities for the coming year, highly motivated to maintain the legacy of Sir Syed in this part of the world Inshallah.