In daily life, we meet different people at different places, in a classroom, office, or going to be a part of a team and work together and we want to get to know each other in order to develop friendships.

Your relationship can kick start quickly and organically and with integrity by following 5 basic steps that can help to know others and also lead straight to someone’s heart.


Keep the smile up, this gives positive emotions towards another person and also keeps your emotions in the right phase as well. Smile is also an initiative to another person that you are willing to initiate a conversation. 


After getting an eye contact and smiley response, this is a great sign that the other person is willing to communicate and initiate the conversation as well.

Warmly greeting a person will initiate the conversation and should be done holistically from your body like handshaking with warmness. 


Introduce yourself, tell your name, nickname. A person’s name is so important that it is the sweetest and important sound in any language.

Pronounce the other person’s name properly, show interest in the meaning of the name and all this will get other person interested in you as well because you are going to open a file in your mental library for a new person. 

Getting personal

Call that person always with their name. With this, a magical thing will happen, you are no stranger to the person anymore.

You can also ask some basic questions like where are you from? Your future goals? What kind of occupation do you have? Your hobbies etc.

You should also share your personal information like what you do? Where are you from etc.

When you both share personal details, you start looking for the common connections and common grounds which can initiate further dialogue.


Taking relationship to the next level involves bonding and helping one another. There is a common saying, “You scratch my back, I will scratch yours”.

Empathise by finding other person’s pain and how you can be helpfully providing comfort.

Without committing find how you can offer help within your capacity that will initiate reciprocal empathy and develop strong bond of friendship.