A protest was held on Sunday 13 October  in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba in order to demand justice for the killing of Abrar Fahad, a Bangladesh university student who dared to criticise the Bangladesh government.

The protestors carried signs with messages like “Safe Campus For All Students” and “Justice For Abrar.”
The protest program was anchored by Journalist Abul Kalam Azad with the help of I Right Chairman Habib Rahman, Engineer Suhel, Anm Masum, Nasim Ahmed, Liakot Ali Shopon, Nargis Banu, Dr Abdul Wahab, Yasir Arafat Sobuj, Abida Sultana, Md Juman Hussan and Sofiqul Hoq.
The program included the singing of national Anthem of  both Bangladesh and Australia by the protestors.

Abrar Fahad was a second-year-student at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) who was found dead at the campus on Monday 7 October.

Fahad’s body was found on a stairway at the university dormitory. An autopsy showed that he had been bludgeoned with blunt objects and had extensive bruises on his hands, legs and back.
In a post on Facebook dated Saturday 5 October Fahad had criticised the government move to share water with India, after Dhaka and New Delhi announced the signing of several deals, including allowing India to draw water from Bangladesh’s Feni river.

“They (the BCL men) did not allow Abrar to drink water when he (Abrar) asked for water and they did not allow him (Sadat) and others to take the victim to hospital for treatment,” Sadat, also a BCL activist, said.

Sadat also said that Monir asked him to bring Abrar to another room from his room at Sher-e-Bangla Hall on the night of Sunday 6 October the attack on Abrar.