Rabia Rasul 17, a year 12 student at Mount Saint Benedict College was recognised with the Dame Marie Bashir Peace Award at a ceremony held at the NSW Parliament House on Monday 30 September 2019.

The award was presented to Rabia by the former governor of NSW Professor Marie Bashir helself along with the National Council of Women of New South Wales, in recognition of her commitment and her efforts to raise money for charity.

The Dame Marie Bashir Peace Award recognises women who have made an outstanding contribution to harmony in many ways, and those who have fostered harmonious relationships and shown persistence and courage in the field of peace and harmony within the wider society.

Rabia has received a myriad of awards and medals through her dedication towards extra-curricular activities and her passion for charity work. She was one of six girls throughout the state of NSW who was recognised with this honour.

Rabia’s involvement in various multicultural activities, including her organisation of Harmony Day events in 2016 and 2018 where she raised over $7500 for Careflight and her role in countlessly advocating and embracing the need for cultural diversity in the community have led  her being the recipient of this award.

Through the eagerness and vision that she possesses, she has been the recipient of many awards honoring her devotion towards great causes, and her passion in going out of her way to help others has officially been recognised.