The NSW Police Force recognises that people have a right to free speech and peaceful demonstration. Where possible, police will attempt to negotiate with all groups wanting to use a particular public space for such purpose.

In managing the use of public space, police will be impartial, and will use their discretion to facilitate the lawful activities of all parties.

To properly manage the use of public space, police may need to collect information for legitimate policing purposes. A form, known as Schedule 1, must be submitted to police either by fax, email or hand delivered in advance of holding the demonstration.

This form should be completed by a representative of the organization holding the demonstration. Police will assess the request and make a decision whether to grant or refuse permission to hold the demonstration, depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to, time, date, location, other corresponding activities in the area, resources and risk to people and property. Police also consult with other agencies, such as councils, RMS etc when making a decision.

Note that the primary goal of police will be the maintenance of law and order, public safety and security, as all people have the right to feel safe and secure. To do this in such cases, police may need to exercise discretion in relation to some unlawful activity.

When necessary, police will take action to prevent or address harmful or dangerous unlawful behaviour towards people or property. This action may be taken on the day of an incident occurring, or on a day after the incident has occurred.

Police will arrest offenders according to NSW Police Force guidelines, and any person arrested will be treated with care.

Please visit the following website to locate Form 1: NOTICE OF INTENTION TO HOLD A PUBLIC ASSEMBLY