Last month Young Innovators Network ran an information session for Passionate University Students at UTS.

An introduction to the Young Innovators Network (YIN) was given with its two Year Life Journey together with details of the upcoming workshops of Coding, Robotics, Public Speaking, in Campbelltown, Granville, Auburn, and Melbourne.

Dr Asif Gill, from UTS, explained UTS Software Engineering Pathways. Mr Asim Saleem talked about Industry Job situation. Mr Yasir presented current trends in the IT industry.

Mr Saad Younis presented Mentoring Programme and shared the opportunities for University Students. Mr Richard Baranski from TAFE Campbelltown talked about Robotics and shared the upcoming opportunity of FREE Robotics Mentoring Training. There were fun activities, and prizes were also part of the program.

Shafqat Ali thanked everyone and Media partners, including Zia Ahmad from AMUST, Rehan Ahmed Alavi from SBS, Sunail Hasnain from BOL Radio, and Muzamil Hafeez from Aptitude Migration.

In the end, Dr Asif Gill conducted a short tour of UTS software labs for various projects and study areas.

Young Innovators Network enables students to become independent, smarter, and productive learners. Basically, they take charge of their learning and career and become productive in the class, innovative in their assessments, and achieve high marks in the exams.

And how do we do this? We run workshops based on Passion-Driven Interactive & Experiential Learning system. These workshops are run by University Students who are passionate about their study areas.

If you want to enrol yourself as a mentor, register yourself and apply here: