Imam Adama Konda, Imam of Canberra Islamic Centre and Masjid Sabah Al-Ahmad, has won the ACT African Australian Religious Leader Award for 2019.

At a ceremony held at Southern Cross Club in Woden, Canberra, on 28 September 2019, Imam Konda was presented the award by the Celebration of African Australians organisation which conducts the annual ACT African Australian Awards.

The Awards aim to celebrate, appreciate and showcase the contributions of African Australians to the nation’s collective growth and prosperity.

The certificate was received on behalf of Imam Konda by Mohameden H’meida as the Imam was on another assignment on the invitation by the Charles Darwin University Muslim Student Society as guest speaker on what they themed “Imam Konda Top End Tour.”

One of the event organisers, Mr Charles Coker, described Imam Konda as truly deserving of the award.

He said that the Imam has “an outstanding and positive impact in the community in his various roles as Islamic leader, school teacher and parent. I came to know Islam as a tolerant religion from some of the lectures of Imam Konda, which is totally different from what is carried out in the media. As a religious leader myself, I believe you cannot just claim to love God and not people. Imam Konda is a great blessing to the city of Canberra in particular and of course the wider Australian society.”

Religious Leader Award 2019 to Imam Adama Konda

The chief administrator and teacher of the Canberra Islamic Center Community school re-echoed Pastor Kokers statement. Siar Azad described Imam Konda as a very deserving candidate of the award. He added that Imam Konda is always friendly, respectful to the diversity of the cultures in the community, well-equipped leader and counsellor.

When asked about his feelings of being recognised by his peers as the Religious Leader for the ACT, Imam Adam said “the recognition brings with it a feeling of responsibility. It’s reminding me about the seriousness of my tasks in leading mankind to God – all mankind; those who believed and those who do not believe.”

It is not the first time a CIC community member has been recognised for his contribution to society. Last year, Amadu Barrie was presented with the ACT Volunteer of the Year award.

Canberra Muslim community member, Amadu Barrie, awarded the ACT African Volunteer of the Year in 2018.