“Whatever you focus on expands.” Your mind responds to what you focus on and then you get more of that.  This is the Law of Focus. 

Have you had this experience? For example you decided to buy a new car. What happened as you drove down the street?  Did you notice every second car was either the same colour or make of your new car?  How did that happen The thoughts in your mind filter then what you focus on expands.

Now combine this with the Law of Momentum…

‘Energy in motion, tends to STAY in motion’
‘Energy stopped, tends to STAY stopped’

Again you may know this is to be true from your experience.  When you drive fast down the road and slam the brakes, what happens?  It takes some effort for the car to come to a stop?  Things that are moving tend to keep moving, until something of equal energy – an opposing force – gets it to stop.

What this means is… once you begin to create movement or motion towards success, you will experience more and more success, day by day, and it will actually be hard to stop the momentum.

Success multiplies success

Now, think of trying to get your car moving when it has stopped – say you had a flat battery. How much effort does it take get the car moving once it has stopped?  Things that are stopped will stay stopped until something of equal energy – an opposing force – gets it to move.

What this means is… once you choose to sit on the lounge to surf the net, post or view your whatsapp videos, this can turn into hours. Is that right? If you’re stopped, you’ll require a significant amount of energy to get you moving.

These two laws of physics – the Law of Focus and the Law of Momentum apply universally, not just to our cars or physical world. They also apply to You and your life but above all, your thoughts drive your outcomes.

Whenever you think, and act upon it, you become an unstoppable force to make that thought or intention happen. Be warned. Negative and destructive thoughts can and do create havoc in your life. Scary isn’t it?

Your results in life are very predictable. In simple terms the contents of your mind and your actions create your results. To illustrate, imagine your mind is a huge overflowing lake that’s just waiting for an outlet to pour into. When it finds an outlet, it starts with a dribble of water. That dribble turns into a stream. After that, the stream turns into a small river. Next, the small river is a huge unavoidable waterfall.

Your thoughts act in the same way.  Have you experienced lying awake in bed, irritated and forcing your mind not to think?…

“I just want to have some good sleep! Stop thinking. The business in my mind is driving irrational thoughts”. “Then… “If only I could do such and such”. “Will so-and-so return my belongings” or “What should I do about this and that problem.  Another negative thought see[s om… how can I… Ahh!!!

I’m thinking again, not sleeping and getting more irritated.

If you are going to utilise the power of the Law of Focus and the Law of Momentum and become an unstoppable force of success, the trick is to learn how to master your mind.

Begin by reciting the following dua over and over to control your thoughts.   “Bismillaah hirRaahmaan nirRaaheem” In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.

Saallaallaahu aalaa Muhaammaad Saallaallaahu aalaayhe Waasaallaam.”

For additional techniques to effortlessly control your thinking email Najla Turk at [email protected] for “The 6-Steps to EVOLVE” ebook.