15 March 2019. A day that we will never forget. The day 50 innocent Men, women and children entered paradise while at Friday prayers in Christchurch, my home town.

Our city knows struggles from the earthquake which killed 184 people. But that was nature. We had an understanding of why.

But 15 March. How and why did one person have so much hatred towards our peaceful Muslim community in our city, not his, ours.

Through my heartbreak, confusion, anger and fear I have experienced compassion, acceptance, and support from Muslims.

Zia Ahmad who gifted me a copy of AMUST on Monday 18 March at Sydney airport and showed me compassion as I expressed my sympathy for those who had died, those injured and for my beautiful home.

The random Muslim lady I stopped to speak to outside a bank who ended up hugging me as I shed tears.

The 2 Muslim ladies whom with 3 little girls stood opposite Al Noor Mosque who I spoke with- unknown to me at that time, 2 of the girls lost their daddy in the Mosque.

I thank each of you for sharing your grief, your compassion and your Aroha.

We can not change the past but we also shall never forget.

Kia Kaha

Abbie Montgomery, Resident of Christchurch.