With the dams of Queensland’s town of Stanthorpe just weeks from drying up, locals fear that the ‘community cannot bear the cost’.

Muslim Aid Australia (MAA), the Deen Family and the Muslim Charitable Foundation (MCF) worked with the local council and community to dispatch 10 truckloads of drinkable water on Saturday 7 September to Stanthorpe with 1000L water tanks, as well as thousands of 10L water bottles.

The water was targeted to beneficiaries affected by severe water shortages and those affected by the fires which hit the area on Friday 6 September 2019

More than 100x1000L IBC Pods filled with clean water and over 9,600x10L bottled water were picked up by the locals.

Contributors to the initiative included:

– Muslim Aid Australia (MAA)
– Muslim Charitable Foundation (MCF)
– Deen Family
– Islamic College of Brisbane (ICB)
– Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ)
– Granite Belt Drought Assist
– Global Aid Foundation
– Holistic Sustainable Solutions