Oh Spring,
Once again you are right at my door
Widely opened my heart with a gentle knock
Since we separated, life seemed so dull,
Gloomy dark and poor!
My time has been spent
In absence from everything,
Joyless, brightless and depressing.
Trees and fields withered from cold death.
Oh Spring, you give hope for rejuvenation to nature,
It comes alive to rejoice again!
The hills woods and valleys in rich array
Enjoying each moment of the bright day.
I stand in my garden to see
Young flowers open their soft mouths
Smiling up at me!
The crisp air freshens with a pure scent
New grass waving their heads in the wind
Roses are blooming with pride
Jacarandas in the air dancing cheerfully
Birds leave their nests
With light and gentle feathered flying freely.
Deep blue sky holds an intimate conversation
With the roaring ocean
As the sky shares its color generously with him.
Oh Spring, you soaked me up with your beauty
And filled my heart with beautiful dreams.
Truly the time has come for the winter
To say goodbye
I can hear it singing farewell,
Murmuring in a distance
It sings, I shall be back, dear Spring….
When the time arrives again.
Hosneara Zaman Ali