Saim Siddiqui participated in the Cricket NSW Camden District Representative Cricket under 12 selection trial held on 18-25 August 2019.

Saim was successfully selected in the team of 13 players out of 27 kids who participated  in the trials and ranked as top 2 in the team.

Saim Awarded on Presentation day

This great outcome has been as a result of his inherent talent as well as months of training under the capable leadership of his father Mr Sharjeel Siddiqui, a talented cricketer in his own right.

Despite his sickness and violent cough that he was recovering from, he trained for hours on a daily basis before the trials and perfected his unique technique with serious efforts and determination to make the Representative Team under 12.

From left (front): Saim Siddiqui, Ashton Haycock, Amey Kadam , Cohen Kvackovski, Nicholas Augustine , Giles Consunji.
From left (back): Abhinav Nayani, Rishab Luthra, Avanindra Singh Sikawar, Zac Condon, Bengamin Small , Ryan Burfitt , Matthew Buda.

Saim was nominated by the Liverpool Catholic Cricket Club where he was the was top player in his team while serving as captain during 2018/19 season under 11.

Saim Reps Trail