Earlier this year, Youth Activating Youth (YAY) held an awards night for the participants of their Girls Leadership Program (GLP).

YAY is a non-profit organisation that assists disadvantaged multicultural Australian youth to re-engage with their communities. YAY aims to bridge the gap that currently exists between different government organisations, non-profit agencies and other service providers.

The GLP was launched in 2017 and encourages girls and young women from multicultural and low socioeconomic backgrounds to explore their full potential.

The objective is to empower young women and girls to become leaders in their respective communities and to provide a platform to access education and employment opportunities. 

The program aims to bring together participants aged 13-25 from culturally diverse backgrounds, creating a gathering point to lead and empower multicultural young females to socialise, exercise and interact with members of other communities.

The program focuses on four areas: education and training; career pathways; community participation; and health and wellbeing. 

Currently, there are 40 program participants from backgrounds such as Eritrea, Somalia, Libya, Ethiopia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine and Yemen.

  • 60% of the current participants are in high school.
  • 30% of the participants are at university studying disciplines such as; nursing, teaching, psychology, radiology, osteopathy, social work and event management.
  • 10% of the participants are stay at home mothers.
  • Around 30% of the participants are currently working in fields such as teaching, nursing, social work, event management, pathology collection and speech pathology.

Through this program YAY have been able to help several young females find employment in the following fields:

  • Child care
  • Child care cook/kitchen aid
  • Pathology collection

Young women are engaged in a safe space through a variety of activities they have designed themselves, which hope to contribute to their sense of belonging in the community.

Sports activities, workshops, interactive sessions and forums are all elements of the program which aim to engage participants with with mentors, peers, instructors, speakers and other inspirational females in leadership positions.

This event was an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the incredible girls and young women in the program, as well as highlight their determination, drive and enthusiasm for the future.