The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV), in partnership with The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Foundation and AFIC, launched an ambitious mission on Saturday 29 August 2019 to sponsor all the beds on the RCH Wallaby Ward by June 2020.

Wallaby Ward is an innovative new initiative that provides patients with at home care as part of the Hospital-in-the-Home Program.

This patient-centred model of care enables medically stable children access to acute levels of treatment and support from RCH nurses and allied health professionals via the Wallaby Ward, a proven care pathway that helps improve patient comfort and recovery.

Patients with chronic illnesses, those undergoing extensive treatment and chemotherapy, and patients from regional and remote locations can now access RCH specialist care in the comfort of their own homes.

RCH Wallaby Ward team members work closely with the patients and their primary treating medical unit to provide care. Equally important, Wallaby Ward allows children to carry on with their daily lives and attend school, leading to less disruption to family life.

ICV President Mohamed Mohideen praised the pioneering initiative saying that, “The RCH is such an important pillar of our community and we are excited to grow the continuing relationship with the Muslim community.”

“The Qur’an says that, ‘Those who spend in charity will be richly rewarded (57:10),’  and nobody ever became poor from giving, we believe the more charity we give, the more we are rewarded. We are excited to be a part of such an important cause in helping save lives,” Mr Mohideen further added.

Hon Rob Knowles AO, Chairman, RCH Board.

The Saturday night launch also featured RCH chairman Hon Rob Knowles AO, who said, “By supporting the hospital, you are directly helping RCH doctors, nurses and allied health workers to continue providing world leading care to thousands of children in need and without your philanthropic support none of this would be possible.”

Leading researchers in the field, Penelope Bryant and Dr Laila Ibrahim spoke about the patient experience and benefits of the ward.

This innovative mission is a first for both the RCH and the Muslim community.

Watch this space to learn more about this exciting initiative and how to support it. To make a pledge, click on the link:

2019 ICV_AFIC_RCH – Wallaby Ward