Multimedia journalism is contemporary journalism that distributes news content using two or more media over the Internet, or disseminates news reports through multiple media platforms.

According to Mark Dews, “multimedia journalism refers to news stories enhanced by various media elements, including text, images, audio, video and other formats.”
The nature of journalism is changing because of the needs of the readers.  People now want to read, see and hear at the same time.  As a result, change is needed.
Robayet Ferdous, associate professor of mass communication and journalism at Dhaka University says, “everyone is going to be a journalist by using social media and it is challenging for real professional journalists in our contemporary world.”
He further adds, “journalism is being integrated with new technologies and as media houses take on the responsibility of assimilating new technologies, universities will incorporate these into their syllabus for study.
Zahid Newaz Khan, an online editor of Channel I who works as a guest teacher in the journalism and media studies department of Jahangirnagar University says that since YouTube is also inundated with original TV content in terms of entertainment, the most popular show are the ones people watching on TV and later on YouTube.
What tasks do multimedia journalists perform?
Multimedia journalists will inform the public about  events in the world by collecting information, writing stories with photos and videos and broadcasting them online using social media.
What skills should a multimedia journalist have?
  1.  Computer skills
  2.   Problem solving skills
  3.   Creativity
  4.   Observation skills
  5.   Technical knowledge
  6.   Writing skills
  7.   Photographic knowledge
  8.   Editing knowledge for text, images and video