Resident of a safe enclosure,
A force field that none can penetrate,
Except at the owner’s command,
Even then no guarantee of an audience!

Expressed in a myriad of forms,
An eternal disguise in camouflage,
Occasionally peeping through the veil,
As if playing the game of hide and seek.

At times standing still without the slightest movement,
At other times traveling at the lightning speed,
Away from the meddling crowd,
Towards a far-off place that no one can locate.

Lost in labyrinth of the maze,
Or confined in a chamber of the place,
A prolonged wait to meet the host,
That is unmoved by the presence,
Granting not an audience even for a moment!

“Why doesn’t he?” the visitant asks,
And as he departs with a broken heart,
A reply comes without a word being uttered.