Usaid Khalil and Najia Khalil announce the marriage of their son Ibrahim Khalil to Hafsa Wahab,

daughter of Abid Abdul Wahab and Fatima Wahab. 

Ibrahim is the grandson of Mr Khalil Ahmed (Late) & Mrs Razia Begum (Late) and Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad & Mrs Jamal Ara Ahmad.

Hafsa is the granddaughter of  Mr Mohammad Abdul Rab Shareef  (Late) &  Mrs  Sajada Begum and Professor Mohammed Asghar Khan & Mrs Sabiha Sultana (Late).

The nikah ceremony was held  on Saturday 7 September 2019 at Rooty Hill Mosque and the reception/walimah was held on Sunday 15 September 2019 at the Lantana Reception Hall in Bonnyrigg.

Photography by Amore Photography & Cinema


The journey towards preparing the wedding between Hafsa and Ibrahim took only a few intense months, although both families had to obviously juggle our other commitments, work, study and community as much as we could alongside this important task.

There were many phone calls shared between Fatima, the mother of the bride and myself. So much so, that when she was sick and didn’t call for a few days, I began to miss her voice.

Once word got out of the intended wedding, I would find people coming to me and saying how blessed I am to be getting such a wonderful addition to my family as they had known Hafsa for a long time.

Abid bhai, the father of the bride, was very excited for all of us, more so than the bride and groom, and had his very own angel alongside him, his wife, Fatima to organise everything to his heart’s desire.

He was going to go all out – the typical father who was so much proud of his daughter.

He was even prepared to cut the cake (and eat it too)!!!

Growing up in Australia, I was surrounded by a large number of close families, those same families that we were able to invite for the walimah, families of key people who have passed away, Dr Mohammad Ali Wang, Uncle Qureshi, and the recently, Uncle Kazim Hussain (may Allah have mercy upon them all).

I was so happy to be able to invite them all, however, Aunty Sultana Hussain, her daughters and their families were not able to make it as she was quite ill and could not make it travelling from Canberra.

These were the same key families who helped us in the wedding of my eldest brother bhaijan, Ziaul Islam Ahmad married to Mehar Ahmad and my eldest sister apa, Fauzia Siddiqui married to Shahab Siddiqui. That was the first biggest wedding in 1975 that drew almost the entire Sydney Muslim community together.

As it turns out, some of the others who were close to me when growing up, Mr & Mrs Qutbuddin Siddiqui (and their lovely daughters) and Dr Sikendar Naseeb Khan and Dr Mehar Khan (with their cute ‘little’ kids), Dr Khalid Rashid and Dr Anjum Rashid, are now related to us through Hafsa, my beautiful daughter-in-law.

They’ve known me well throughout my life, and yet hardly knew Ibrahim since we started moving in different multiple circles as the community grew larger.

Ibrahim has been surrounded by that similar loving community as well as myself.

He grew up among talks and events organised by our key organisations IFAM and IFEW.

He was later surrounded by his teachers and friends from Amity (previously Sule) College, his mentors and colleagues from ISRA, and much more of the loving extended family who have been there for him in good times and bad.

Ibrahim and Hafsa’s walimah was a merging of different communities, old and new, a link between my generation and Ibrahims’.

I may have not been able to have everyone at the wedding but it was through everyone’s dua and Allah’s mercy and blessing that this event took place. 

Everything went so smoothly, that even the things I cringed at and hoped that I would never need to do, having a big wedding, and speaking in front of a large crowd, came so easily at this time.

We pray that with everyone’s dua, this couple will continue to serve the community as a husband and wife team.