Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the Hindu supremacist organisation is all set to open an Army school that commences operations in April 2020, ostensibly to help train the youth in getting into the Indian Army.

This is again another failure of the UN Security Council to envisage the dangers or hear the loud and clear alarm bells as a result of this move by RSS well-known for its Nazism in its Asian context.

RSS is a movement inspired by Maximiani Portas – a spiritual icon of Nazism, a spy of Axis Powers in India- going by an adopted Hindu name, “Savitri Devi”.  She influenced RSS through her writings, and in particular, motivated Hindutva-workers to embrace Hindu identity and “guard” the country against Islam and Christianity.

This Nazi-inspired Hindu Supremacist organisation , the RSS was founded with a racist vision and a corresponding mission. The vision is that “The Hindu culture is the life-breath of Hindusthan” and the mission is that “It is, therefore, the duty of every Hindu to do his best to consolidate the Hindu society. The Sangh is just carrying out this supreme task. The present fate of the country cannot be changed unless lakhs of young men dedicate their entire lifetime for that cause. To mould the minds of our youth towards that end is the supreme aim of the Sangh”.

So to connect some dots and to lay out the picture behind the scenes – The excerpts from the RSS mission statement, history and recent acts of terrorism and violence conducted by its cadres under the protection of Hindu chauvinist BJP government, and the recent dress rehearsal of BJP Hindutva agenda (If you want to live in India, you have to be a Hindu) – in Kashmir.

RSS has been notorious for their brutal killings of minorities – killing of Australian Christian missionary in Odisha, looting and setting houses of Christians and Christians themselves on fire in Ranalai, looting and burning shops and Christian killings in Pulbani, in Kandhamal the burning of more than 1400 Christian homes, 95 churches, killing of 50 people.

In addition around 18,500 Christian were forced to flee their villages to refugee camps, demolition of Babri Mosque; killing of around 2000 Muslims in Gujarat and estimated  property damage of $3.6 billion post Babri Mosque violence, cow vigilante killing of Muslims across India over the years with the unofficial numbers of 142 incidents with 70 killings and 266 wounded to date.

RSS started spreading its terrorist agenda in Kashmir months ago, asking for weapons for its Sangh cadres (Hindu Supremacist volunteers) defence and not for their Army school and pushing for the abolition of Article 370 of the Indian constitution that stripped Kashmir with the significant autonomy it held due to its unique indigenous culture and history

The UN  that guaranteed plebiscite for the people Kashmir for their self-determination has been completely paralysed except passing hollow resolutions, where just like the Israeli state the Indian military, continues its brutal occupation of indigenous populations of Palestinians and Kashmiris respectively in their homeland.